Chocolate Station
Chocolate Station

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Chocolate Station, was established in Izmir in 2009 by two female entrepreneurs Pervin Demir and Serap Mert. Having the experience abroad The Chocolate Fountain, which was thought to be produced in Turkey,created the Chocolate Station . Today, the company is proud to have created a new flavor for the country by producing its own Chocolate Fountains. more

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Do not let anybody without tasting this flavor and hearing your voice.
Are you ready to change your life with an excellent dealership offer? Your place is ready to become a representative of the chocolate fountain that surrounds İzmir and starts spreading throughout Turkey. All you have to do is to believe and trust yourself.more


How about eating chocolate to be happy? Do you know that this flavor, which dates back hundreds of years, provides the secretion of “serotonin”, the hormone of happiness? The Chocolate Station is the most delicious and last stop in taste where chocolates turned into a unique flavor with fruit .Sweet and beautiful, also gives energy and happiness. more

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Chocolate Fountain

Five Storey Chocolate Fountain; 5 Floors,Height 85cm,Machine Weight 14,5kg,Chocolate Flowing height 55cm...more